New Polling Shows Governor Doug Ducey Is Vulnerable

2018 Election Has Potential To Be A Pickup Opportunity For Democrats

We just got our statewide poll back on the governor’s race and we have good news! The data shows that Governor Doug Ducey is vulnerable, and that this election has the potential to be a pickup opportunity for Democrats. Across the country progressives are more energized than ever before. And in Arizona we’re ready to stop corrupt politicians like Governor Ducey who exploit their office to line their own pockets.

Here are the key findings:

Bad on schools, healthcare and the economy

Part of Governor Ducey’s problem is that he is undefined, or defined negatively, on key issues and traits that voters will use to determine their vote. Among the swing electorate and base Democrats, voters rate Ducey negatively on public schools, health care, and the economy and jobs, as well as several other important aspects of his job.

Governor Ducey is in trouble this early in the cycle

As an incumbent governor in a 12-point Republican state, Ducey’s favorable ratings are not exactly stellar. Voters give Ducey only +8 favorable rating. Forty-four percent rate him favorably while 36% rate him unfavorably. An early warning sign for Ducey is voter intensity; slightly more voters (20%) rate him very unfavorable compared to those who rate him very favorable (16%).

Voters don’t think Governor Ducey’s doing a good job

While Ducey is able to hang on to a positive personal rating, his job performance rating is cratering. A majority of voters (53%) rate his job performance as just fair or poor compared to 37% who rate his job performance as excellent or good.

Again, the intensity in voters’ feelings works against Ducey. More than twice as many voters rating his performance poor (20%) as rate it excellent (8%).

Even Republican voters don’t think he’s doing great

Among registered Republicans, only 49% rate his performance as excellent or good and among registered independents, only 29% rate his performance as excellent or good.

We’ve been working hard on our #DoubleTalkDucey campaign, running digital ads, organizing rallies and events, reaching out to reporters, and more. With this new polling, we can see that it’s working! Arizonans know Ducey’s Doubletalk can’t be trusted. We know Ducey is in the pockets of rich donors, and will do whatever he can to cling to office. But with our energy and grassroots power, we know that Ducey can be defeated.

See the full poll here.

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