Private Prisons

Ducey has said that he wants to reform Arizona’s prisons and provide more support to rehabilitation, but he himself has funneled money to private prisons – despite them being not just more expensive but less effective.
  • Ducey requested $70 million a year of Arizona’s taxpayer dollars to be spent on private prisons in his first budget request of 2015. This included a $2.5 million “state subsidy” to the GEO Group, a private prison firm. [Capitol Media Services, 2/3/15; Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts, 8/18/16]
  • Multiple studies – national and in Arizona – have shown that private prisons are more costly than similar state-run prisons, and incur more safety and security incidents pr capita. [U.S. Department of Justice, Review of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Monitoring of Contract Prisons, 08/2016; Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts, 8/18/16]