Health Care

Governor Doug Ducey claims that he supports health care for Arizonans. But the truth is that he’s sided with the Trump administration’s efforts to repeal the ACA — which could kick up to half a million Arizonans off their health insurance.
  • Ducey repeatedly sided with the Trump administration in repealing the Affordable Care Act, saying: “Obamacare is a failure. It’s time for it to go.’” This was despite the fact that half a million Arizonans depend on the program for their coverage, either through the state’s Medicaid expansion or the ACA insurance exchanges. [Tucson Star, 9/20/17]
  • In the lead-up to McCain’s pivotal July vote on the “skinny repeal” bill, Ducey privately lobbied McCain to vote “yes.” [Arizona Republic, 6/5/17].
Even while advocating loudly for ACA repeal, Ducey was quiet about urging Congress and Republicans in power to support the Children’s Health Insurance Program, known as KidsCare in Arizona….
  • KidsCare provides health coverage to kids whose families make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to buy insurance on their own. 22,000 children rely on it for health care. Funding for the program ran out at the end of September, and so far, Congress has failed to renew it. [Arizona Republic, 10/27/17]
…at least until Ducey was asked about it by Arizona’s news media.
  • A records request filed by The Arizona Republic found Ducey wasn’t doing much outreach to those in D.C. about KidsCare — until reporters started asking him about it. [Arizona Republic, 12/11/17]