Governor Doug Ducey says he wants everyone to do well. But the truth is that he fought tooth-and-nail to stop hundreds of thousands of Arizonans from getting a raise.
  • Ducey opposed Proposition 206, which gradually increased the minimum wage and provided paid sick time to all workers. 58% of Arizonans voted in favor of Prop 206, but Ducey joined a lawsuit trying to stop it from going into effect. [12 News, 12/28/16]
Ducey claims his tax policies are good for Arizona. But the truth is that they’ve left us with huge budget gaps, without delivering the promised economic boom.
  • Arizona State University economists found that since 1990, the supply-side tax cuts backed by many Republican leaders have cost the state $4 billion– without delivering the economic growth that had been promised. The loopholes and special exemptions created for big businesses like Intel “did not result in an discernible increase in economic growth.” The latest round of tax cuts, which were put in place by Governor Brewer, have been kept in place by Govenor Ducey, who has also advocated for further cuts to income tax rates. [Phoenix Business Journal, 10/19/16]
  • Since 1990, supply-side tax cuts of the kind supported by Governor have hurt key priorities like universities and K-12 education. Since 1979, state spending on universities is down 72 per cent (per capita). Among U.S. states, Arizona ranks 49th for K-12 education spending. [Phoenix Business Journal, 10/19/16]
  • In October, Ducey spoke at an event promoting the Trump tax plan. Although he later said he didn’t support some of the plan’s specific provisions, he raised no objections to the broad outlines of the plan — like the fact that more than half of its benefits will flow to the richest 5% of Americans. [, 11/6/2017; Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, 12/19/2017].
  •  A majority of Arizonans gave Governor Ducey a grade of “C” or lower when asked about his management of the state’s economy. Thirty-five percent of respondents gave him a C grade, while 13 and 14 percent gave him a D or F. Twenty-five percent gave him a B and just 8 percent gave him an A [KTAR News, Poll, 5/4/17]
Ducey claims to be a good steward of our tax dollars. But the truth is that he’s given big raises to his friends and associates, without investing in the programs that Arizonans care about.
  • Ducey has given hefty raises to his friends and associates, even while stressing the need for austerity when it comes to education and other important priorities.  As the Arizona Republic put it, “A governor who stresses the need for budget austerity should not hand out double-digit raises to his inner circle.” [Arizona Republic, Editorial, 10/18/17]